2018 Resilient Australia awards - State winners. Photo - The Age - 2/11/2018

Congratulations to Dixons Creek Primary School for winning the Victorian final of the 'Resilient Australia School Award.'

In 2017 Mr. Brett Ellis invited our school to participate in a 'smoking ceremony' in Toolangi, with indigenous elders Uncle Dave and Uncle Ralph. The students learnt about 'good fire' and how indigenous peoples cared for the land.
Many of our families had been through the 2009 'Black Saturday' bushfires and the children remained 'hyper vigilant' about smoke. This 'smoking ceremony' taught children about 'white smoke' that moves slowly and only burns the forest floor.
This experience became 'The Firestick' project and a book was written and illustrated by our children called 'The Parent Trees Are Talking.' A small team, led by teacher Mrs Kylie Schabel, applied to be recognised as a 'Resilent School' in the awards presented by the Attorny -Generals Department of the Australian Government. We won!